1. Where do your products come from?

All calligraphy and Speedball items are from the USA. All mt tapes are from Japan. 

2. Why are mt tapes expensive?

mt tape is the original colored/printed masking tape printed in washi which is a kind of paper made in japan. The cheaper ones are technically not washi but chugoku tapes which are the Chinese-made counterparts. People say chugoku tapes are of good quality while washi tapes are of superior quality and best for archival purposes. You'll notice that washi tapes from Japan like mt are smoother, thicker (a bit harder to tear) and wear-resistant. The maker of mt tape actually makes industrial masking tape so they are of industrial quality. They also have exclusive designs and designs in collaboration with artists which set them apart. mt tapes are also more expensive than chugoku tapes because they come from Japan and have higher shipping and handling costs. 

3. What would you recommend for a stamping newbie?

Please check our Beginners Carving Sets. We have different sets to suit your budget.

4. What nibs would you recommend for a calligraphy newbie?

You may try the Hunt 56 nib, Nikko G pen nib, Zebra G pen nib and Tachikawa G pen nib.

5. Is that the final price? Can I get a discount?

All our prices are the best we could offer. 


Orders and Pre-Orders

1. The item I want to order appears as "unavailable". Do you still have stocks and when will it be available again?

The inventory of our online store is updated in real time. If the item is unavailable, it is either sold out or all available stocks are already reserved. You can check in a few days if the item was returned to stock due to a cancelled order.

Sold out items are restocked every few months. Please check our Facebook or Instagram accounts for updates. 

2. Can I pre-order an item that is out of stock or not offered in your store?

Yes, we have pre-order schedules every few months. Please check our Facebook or Instagram accounts for updates.

3. Every when do you restock items at Mrs. Graham's Café?

We replenish stocks every 2-3 weeks and when we have new arrivals.

4. I already submitted an order but have not yet paid and I would like to change it or add new items, can I make a new order and just combine shipping?

Please submit a new order with all the items you want and we will just cancel the previous order you made.



1. Do you do meet-ups?

Sorry, we don't do meet-ups.

2. Do you have an actual, physical store?

createbytlf is an online-based store. We do, however, have a display at Mrs. Graham's Café located at 51-C Scout Rallos Street, Quezon City. Stamping tools, mt tapes and calligraphy items are available in the store. Please go here to view the items currently stocked at Mrs. Graham's Café.

3. Do you have a pick up point?

None, sorry.

4. Where is your online store based?

We are based in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.



1. What modes of payment do you accept? 

We accept BPI- please choose BPI Bank Deposit, BDO - please choose BDO Bank Deposit, PayPal and credit cards via PayPal.

2.  Can I use PayPal even if I don't have an account?

Yes, you can use PayPal with your credit card even if you don't have an account.



1. What courier do you use for shipping? 

 We use Xend Express. Xend uses LBC and 2Go for provincial shipping. Visit their website www.xend.com.ph for more details.

2. Why are their rates more expensive than other couriers?

Xend is our tried and tested courier. We chose their unliweight service as some of our items are heavy such as the eraser blocks and our clients save more with this unliweight option.

3. How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

We ship orders every M-W-F unless otherwise advised. Payment cut-off is 10pm of the day before shipping. Transit time is 1-2 days for Metro Manila addresses and 3-4 days for provincial addresses. 

4. My address is not serviceable by LBC and 2Go, how can I order?

Please send us an email at createbytlf@gmail.com

5. I'm from another country, how can I order?

Please send us an email at createbytlf@gmail.com


For other arrangements or inquiries, please send an email to createbytlf@gmail.com